Playlist Notes: Novas 3.3: A Trail Of Desire

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(previously in story time: Novas 5.5 Act 1)

Honestly, I was happy with Novas 2.2 being the second of a pair. But then I stumbled on ELO’s “I’m Alive” and it needed a home. So it found some friends. This third part of a trilogy fits in the act gap of Novas 5.5, in the aftermath of Jack’s return to Earth and his strange new relationship with Susan… whatever she’s become.

Yes, there’s also subtext. (Novas is nothing but subtext). I began assembling 1.1 in the first days of COVID-19, when the monster hadn’t yet left China, not quite sure what the tea leaves were telling me. 3.3 was assembled in lockdown. This one is about what comes after the end, about how fearful things can reveal themselves as friends, and how above all in a time of crisis we need to choose what we want to dream.


Novas 3.3: A Trail Of Desire

Walk softly through the desert sand, careful where you tread. Underfoot are the visions list, sleeping not yet dead.
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