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It is 1982. One of the 1982s, at least.

A bunch of other people’s Youtube videos of other people’s songs that together hallucinate a cyberpunk rock opera in an alternate 1980s. Maybe start here.


Those Memex dreams again

A personal project rethinking computing from syntax upwards. What if we had a Lisp which was also a markup language? What if we put a priority on simplicity and elegance? Results – any results – not guaranteed.

(It doesn’t even compute yet… what I’m interested in is what expressions and data types can be represented in a very minimal unified syntax/semantics that’s slightly more powerful than S-expressions but less cumbersome and restricted than, eg, XML, JSON or RDF. Current focus is how to implement this as a storage layer in, say, Javascript, and what logical axioms might apply to it.)


there is no MWLS here

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