Playlist Notes: Novas 0: Tomorrow (Minimum Viable Future)


This is the Overture to the cyberpunk opera I first began writing? editing? arranging? around 2014. A revised 2019 edit that cuts it down to the ten best songs.

The patrons file into the opera house. The orchestra sits.

The opera house is decorated with some kind of weird mauve and cyan blobs on a badly rendered checkerboard – NO! This is ’80s cyberpunk, not ’90s. The opera house is decorated tastefully with neon primary-coloured wireframes of pyramids and spheres on a plane, thank you very much.

It is 1982. One of the 1982s, at least…

Novas Overture: Tomorrow (Minimum Viable Future Edit)

I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry, the night that Disco died…
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Playlist Notes: Mixtape of the Found Decade

In 1977, facing first-time parenthood and an absolute lack of 
enthusiasm for anything like “career,” I found myself dusting off
my twelve-year-old’s interest in science fiction.

Simultaneously, weird noises were being heard from New York and London.

I took Punk to be the detonation of some slow-fused projectile buried
deep in society’s flank a decade earlier, and I took it to be, somehow,
a sign. And I began, then, to write.

William Gibson, 2002

So I started out deliberately not trying to extend the Novas Cycle, and I ended up creating five new Concept Playlists. But I think it’s done now.

Record scratch, freeze frame.. the what now? Okay. Let’s start at the beginning.

A few years ago I started idly searching Youtube and stumbled over a treasure: offbeat 1980s New Wave and synthpop songs. Some from bands you’ve heard of. Some that you may never have seen. Some which stirred faint memories. Some which were completely new to me. So I started collecting them, and then I started blogging a few. Meanwhile, I started putting them into playlists.

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