Interactive Fiction

Interactive fiction, text adventures, Infocom, Zork, Scott Adams, Colossal Cave. It was the new artform of the future, until it wasn’t. Then it was resurrected on the Net and has a small but devoted cult following. I wrote a few games.

I have a complicated, passionate relationship with the genre which seems to have settled into a sort of stormy silence. I thought Inform 7 would rekindle the flames but so far it hasn’t quite.

One day I will write again.

3 thoughts on “Interactive Fiction”

  1. I just finished Glowgrass, and I hope one day you continue the story. Really excellent game.

  2. Inform 7 is still alive… sort of. It’s alive enough to wreck havoc on older extensions. When attempting to use your Planner extension with the latest compiler, I discovered that some incompatible changes were made to the language. I made a patch that appears to fix the problem, if you are interested in updating your extension. The fix is simple enough: replace sentry values with breaks. Anyway… you should have my e-mail thanks to this comment. Please let me know if you’d like the patch.

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